With Healing Comes Higher Performance.

As EMDR therapists, we understand that true healing goes beyond the surface, addressing the emotional imprints that may impede professional efficacy. Prioritizing employee mental health is not just an act of compassion but a strategic investment in company performance.


With Healing Comes Higher Performance.

As EMDR therapists, we understand that true healing goes beyond the surface, addressing the emotional imprints that may impede professional efficacy. Prioritizing employee mental health is not just an act of compassion but a strategic investment in company performance.

When employees are equipped with the tools to navigate stress and overcome emotional challenges, they not only flourish personally but contribute significantly to a workplace culture that values resilience and excellence.

In the ever-evolving demands of the professional sphere, employees who are equipped with the emotional fortitude to face challenges become not just assets to themselves but essential contributors to a flourishing corporate ecosystem. The ripple effect is profound; individuals who experience personal growth and emotional resilience are more likely to engage passionately in their roles, fostering a positive and high-performing work environment. Our EMDR therapy services serve as a transformative bridge, connecting the dots between personal flourishing and organizational success.

Enrich your corporate wellness program by introducing our specialized EMDR therapy services as a cornerstone benefit for your valued employees. Our therapy sessions are thoughtfully crafted to provide individuals with transformative tools, enabling them to adeptly navigate stress and triumph over emotional challenges. By integrating EMDR into your corporate wellness framework, you are not merely investing in the personal well-being of your team; you are actively cultivating a workplace culture that prizes resilience, emotional intelligence, and overall excellence.

– Elena and Robert Engle| Founders & Lead Therapist of Very Good Counseling

Here are 3 Very Good Reasons to Choose Us for Your Corporate Wellness and Employee Mental Health Programs:

Comprehensive and Tailored

Being EMDR therapists specializing in supporting professionals, our unique mental health program is finely tuned to address the distinctive needs of your workforce. Tailored for professionals navigating the complexities of their roles, our comprehensive approach to employee mental health incorporates EMDR therapy to specifically target the emotional imprints associated with workplace stressors. From individualized EMDR sessions to tailored programs designed for professionals, we recognize the nuanced challenges your employees often face. This focused approach ensures that each professional receives the precise support they require, fostering a workplace culture that not only values individual well-being but acknowledges the specific demands of a professional environment.

Accessible and Results-Driven

Accessibility is at the forefront of our services, acknowledging the demanding nature of professional lives. With flexible scheduling options and remote accessibility, we break down barriers, making mental health support a seamlessly integrated part of your employees’ routines. Through targeted EMDR therapy, we get right to the heart of the specific emotional challenges associated with workplace stressors. This proactive strategy ensures that your investment in employee mental health directly translates into measurable positive outcomes, impacting employee performance, satisfaction, and overall workplace well-being. By making transformative mental health support readily available to your team, you empower your workforce, contributing to a company culture that’s engaged, resilient and more optimally productive.

Holistic and Sustainable

Our holistic methodology acknowledges that mental health is intricately connected to various facets of employees’ lives, not limited to the workplace. By encompassing the whole individual—professionally and personally—we ensure that the mental health support provided is comprehensive and resonates deeply with your workforce. The Sustainable aspect underscores our dedication to long-term mental health strategies. We don’t just address immediate concerns; we cultivate practices and coping mechanisms that employees can seamlessly integrate into their lives. This not only supports their current well-being but establishes a foundation for sustained resilience and mental health. In choosing our approach, you’re fostering a culture of holistic well-being that extends beyond the office walls, contributing to both individual fulfillment and collective success.

Position yourself at the forefront of progressive leadership—choosing accessible EMDR therapy isn’t just about benefits; it’s about being the driving force behind a workplace revolution that values, supports, and propels every individual to their best.

Choosing accessible and results-driven EMDR therapy for your corporate wellness initiatives and employee benefits packages isn’t just about business; it’s about creating an environment where everyone, including yourself, experiences a profound sense of well-being. The moment to cultivate this enriching feeling within your business is now.

Office Visits

Immerse yourself in a serene and welcoming atmosphere at our Fort Myers office, where the commitment to personalized therapy awaits, offering a supportive environment for your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Online Counseling

Embark on a transformative journey from the comfort of your own space with our online therapy services. Experience the same dedicated support and personalized approach, conveniently connecting with healing and growth wherever you are on your path.

Affordable Rates

Discover the empowering benefits of therapy without breaking the bank. Our affordable rates ensure that transformative healing and personalized support are accessible to everyone, making your journey towards healing and resilience both effective and budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Wellness and Employee Mental Health.

How can EMDR therapy contribute to a resilient and adaptable workforce during organizational change?
The results-driven nature of EMDR therapy contributes to a more resilient workforce by efficiently addressing the emotional impact of organizational change, enhancing overall adaptability.
How does the accessibility of EMDR therapy impact healthcare costs and employee retention?

The accessibility of EMDR therapy positively impacts the bottom line by potentially reducing stress-related healthcare costs and increasing employee retention, saving on recruitment and training expenses.

What role does a positive workplace feeling play in the overall success and sustainability of a business?

A positive workplace feeling is integral to the overall success and sustainability of a business. It enhances employee engagement, reduces turnover, and attracts top talent. A workplace that prioritizes well-being becomes a magnet for success, contributing to the long-term prosperity of the company.

What role does a workplace with a strong focus on mental health play in retaining and attracting talent?

A workplace with a strong focus on mental health becomes an attractive environment for talent retention and recruitment. The commitment to well-being signals to potential and existing employees that the company values their holistic health, creating a workplace where individuals not only work but truly belong and flourish.

How can leaders actively contribute to the feeling of well-being within their teams?
Leaders can actively contribute to the feeling of well-being by fostering open communication, providing resources for mental health support, and modeling a healthy work-life balance. This leadership approach cultivates an atmosphere of trust, making employees feel genuinely cared for.

At the core of corporate wellness lies a transformative promise—the unparalleled benefit of an engaged and resilient workforce.

Corporate wellness encapsulates a strategic initiative where organizations actively prioritize the health, happiness, and holistic well-being of their employees. It encompasses a spectrum of programs and services designed to enhance physical health, mental well-being, and overall job satisfaction.

In the realm of employee mental health, introducing EMDR therapy serves as a beacon of profound support. EMDR provides a unique avenue for individuals to address and overcome the emotional toll of stress, burnout, and workplace challenges.

By tapping into the power of EMDR, employees gain not only a therapeutic resource but a transformative tool that promotes resilience, mental clarity, and a sense of well-being. With us, you can easily and more fully embrace the promise of corporate wellness, where the emotional health of your team becomes a cornerstone of enduring success and fulfillment.

We’re Very Good.

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Not to brag but…

Michael M
Michael M
Robert is an expert at his craft and truly cares… I have been working with him for about a year now and my life has transformed. Things I never thought I’d be able to do because of trauma have simply gone away in the most healthy way. I cannot thank him enough and he is an expert on dealing with traumatic events and talks to you as a human with a sense of humor.
Andrew Dobo
Andrew Dobo
Elena and Robert and highly skilled therapist including experts in EMDR Therapy. They are also personable, friendly and have a great sense of humor. You will feel comfortable, safe and cared for in their practice. You will not regret working with them. Don't delay call today.
Andrea Livingston
Andrea Livingston
The care, expertise and professionalism goes above a 5 star. I am accomplishing goals, addressing and overcoming some things in my life. What only seemed like a dream is now beginning to be reality. Thank you Robert
Joseph Sozio
Joseph Sozio
Experts in EMDR therapy that I would recommend highly. Look no further for genuine and effective counseling!
Johanna Sozio
Johanna Sozio
I continue to refer clients to the Engle’s due to their high level of expertise in treating trauma. They are proficient, compassionate counselors who go above and beyond. It is wonderful being able to refer clients for EMDR services.
Jean Carlos
Jean Carlos
Looking for counselor who I liked took forever it seemed but once I met the counselors here I knew I was in the right place. They are very caring but easy to get along with. I was looking for anxiety therapy and depression therapy and they help me overcome these issues. I have been going for about 6 months now and I have couldn’t imagine what my life would be if I didn’t get the help I needed. Once we met a few times in the office I decided to do therapy online. It was quick and painless to set up and since we met in person it’s like we never missed a beat. I would recommend this place for anyone who is looking for quality counseling by real people. They have changed my life for the better. No hesitation to recommend them, the best therapy in Fort, Myers.
Angelica Nunez
Angelica Nunez
I am so grateful to have found Rob at Very Good Counseling. His expertise and compassionate approach were instrumental in helping me navigate and overcome my personal struggles. With his guidance, I was able to develop coping strategies and gain a deeper understanding of myself. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking effective and supportive therapy!
Santiago Ceballos
Santiago Ceballos
Highly recommend this location, very flexibles schedules and amazing and comprehensive service. (:
Erika Serrano
Erika Serrano
My daughter has been seeing Elena for two years after suffering from emotional and physical trauma. My daughter has made great strides in her self-worth, critical thinking, confidence and emotional processing throughout this time. Elena and her EMDR treatments are a complete game-changer and I will forever be grateful to her for helping get my daughter on a path for true healing. Elena is an absolute professional! We’ve had parental sessions with me and also accommodated mother/daughter sessions with us that have given us the gift of in-depth understanding for positive changes in our relationship. If you’re on the fence of treatment or are looking for someone with a better connection, your future will thank you for seeking Elena’s services today. I’ll be forever grateful to her for her help.

we’re Very Good.

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