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Coping with Physical Loss, Injury, or Illness: Navigating Life-Altering Changes

May 9, 2023 | 0 comments


The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute for professional health and mental health care or consultation. Individuals who believe they may require or benefit from treatment should seek the advice of a psychologist or other licensed mental health professional.

Very Good Counseling is a private practice of licensed mental health therapists who specialize in EMDR.  We provide online mental health services to individuals throughout the State of Florida,  and in-person at our office in Fort Myers, FL. For more information, contact us.

by: <a href="" target="_blank">Robert Engle, EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Therapist</a>

by: Robert Engle, EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Therapist

Because We Believe You Matter

Robert joined the practice full time in 2022 to help neurodivergent individuals with ADHD, anxiety, and depression find freedom and enjoy life through counseling. He is currently working towards becoming a Certified ADHD Professional (ADHD-CCSP). Trained in EMDR therapy, he excels at understanding the intricacies of ADHD and Trauma.

Experiencing physical loss, injury, or illness can be a traumatic and life-altering event, presenting significant challenges for individuals. 

We have seen many who never thought this would be a part of their reality yet, have more concern about this because of the COVID period we have gone through. Throughout the adjustment process, it’s important to navigate various stages:

  1. Acceptance: Coming to terms with the reality of the physical loss, injury, or illness and understanding its impact on one’s life. For example, a person who has lost a limb may come to accept the permanent changes to their body and adapt to a new physical reality. EMDR therapy can help individuals process and integrate their emotions surrounding the loss, facilitating acceptance and fostering emotional healing.
  2. Coping: Discovering healthy ways to manage feelings of grief, anger, and frustration, allowing for emotional healing. This can be achieved through various strategies such as therapy, support groups, journaling, or engaging in creative outlets like art or music to express emotions constructively. EMDR therapy can provide individuals with effective coping strategies and techniques to address the emotional distress associated with physical changes.
  3. Re-evaluation: Reassessing priorities, goals, and values in light of the physical change, fostering personal growth and resilience. For instance, someone who has experienced a serious illness might re-evaluate their career goals and shift their focus toward work that aligns with their new perspective on life. EMDR therapy can help individuals explore and reframe their beliefs about themselves and their future, facilitating positive self-evaluation and promoting adaptive perspectives.
  4. Re-adaptation: Seeking new ways to cope and adapt to the physical loss, injury, or illness. This may involve acquiring new skills or exploring alternative activities. This may include acquiring new skills or exploring alternative activities. For example, an individual with a spinal cord injury may learn adaptive sports or develop new hobbies that align with their abilities. EMDR therapy can assist individuals in identifying and building upon their existing strengths and resources, supporting them in developing new strategies for re-adaptation.
  5. Healing: Rediscovering a sense of control, self-esteem, and purpose, and finding meaning in life despite the physical challenges. This might involve engaging in self-care practices, cultivating a support network, and finding ways to contribute to others or their community. This also might include using EMDR therapy to resolve these traumatic changes in life to bring about healing and lasting change. EMDR therapy can address underlying emotional wounds, promote resilience, and facilitate the healing process by fostering a sense of empowerment and self-compassion.

Throughout this transformative journey, support from loved ones, counseling, rehabilitation services, and implementing lifestyle changes play vital roles in fostering resilience and facilitating positive change. At Very Good Counseling, our experienced EMDR therapists are dedicated to providing the support and guidance you need during this challenging period.

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