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How to Heal from Trauma + Stress

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The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute for professional health and mental health care or consultation. Individuals who believe they may require or benefit from treatment should seek the advice of a psychologist or other licensed mental health professional.

Very Good Counseling is a private practice of licensed mental health therapists who specialize in EMDR.  We provide online mental health services to individuals throughout the State of Florida,  and in-person at our office in Fort Myers, FL. For more information, contact us.

by: <a href="" target="_blank">Elena Engle, LMHC-S, EMDRIA-approved EMDR Consultant</a>

by: Elena Engle, LMHC-S, EMDRIA-approved EMDR Consultant

Because We Believe You Matter

Elena founded Very Good Counseling in 2021. As a therapist, she finds that specializing in EMDR therapy elevates her abilities to help individuals with trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Passionate about freeing people from years of negative thoughts and destructive habits, Elena is committed to helping individuals find liberation from their past, embracing their truest selves.

Sandra Bullock Interview with InStyle: InStyle Article

In a recent article from InStyle, Sandra Bullock shares how she developed PTSD after a home invasion that she was in her home for. She shares how EMDR therapy helped her overcome her fears + stress of the event and lead her to see a pattern of unsafe situations she has been involved in and put herself in.

As with her story, many other people have let symptoms get severe before they seek help. Sandra shares how she developed alopecia and she was so stressed she thought she was going to die. Literally she says, “If I don’t pull it together, I’m gonna die.” This level of stress lead her to the office of a trained EMDR therapist. She has a break through after processing these distressing events she was involved in.

In our practice we have a highly qualified therapists who are EMDRIA certified therapist to provide EMDR therapy for many issues. Though you may not have lived through the same events as Ms. Bullock. Distressing events can occur in many situations and this approach can help you overcome them.

We see major benefits much quicker than traditional talk therapies, often after 3-4 sessions there is there is major relief for our clients. Also EMDR counseling can be done multiple times a week or back to back to increase the speed of the recovery. If you would like to connect with an EMDR therapist to work through your distressing life event, please book an appointment today.

Start your healing journey with us. 

Not to brag, but we’re Very Good.

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